Tree Detail

Prunus triloba


Almond, Flowering/Rose Tea of China

Prunus triloba   'Multiplex'

Category: deciduous shrub   Size:

Mature Size: 8 - 10 ' by 8 - 10'

Zone: 3 - 6   Growth Rate: moderate


Elevation (if known): ?

Water: Prefers rich, moist soil.

Soil :

Sun: Full sun to part shade

Comments: Beautiful double pink flowers. Best grown with a groundcover or mulch and not in a lawn as mower injuries can really harm the plant. Nice green during summer.

Warnings: Sometimes flowers freeze in Alamosa.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? no

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? no   Native to:

Known Locations: 2 plants in Marilyn/Ron Loser garden. A number around town -- early blooming.

Information Sources: Little Valley Wholesale Nursery 2003, Sunset Western Garden Book; S Group of State Foresters