2015 Was a Very Good Year!

Alamosa celebrated being a Tree City for 25 years! We planted new trees in parks and Mother Nature gave us more moisture than in some of the last drought years.

Folks donated 3 trees for Cole Park behind the library and a Colorado Tree Coalition Grant gave Alamosa 18 new park trees.

It was a long, warmish, beautiful fall. Beautiful fall leaf colors of yellow and red held for longer than usual -- little wind and no dramatic changes in temperature helped.

Above: Ladies of the Woman's Citizenship Club of Alamosa plant one of 3 Shademaster Honey Locust trees donated for a copse behind the library at the City Center. Arvilla Weldon and Tom and Pat Gilmore donated the other 2 trees.

Right: Arbor Week planting in Carroll Park. A total of 18 trees were planted in Alamosa parks, the cemetery, and along Main Street with the help of a Colorado Tree Coalition grant and Alamosa City funds.

Below left: The Kentucky Coffee Tree in Cole Park is starting to do well. It was planted through grant funds a couple of years ago.

Below right: What a beautiful fall! a Autumn Blaze Maple shines. Yellow trees in the background are ashes. The purple tree is a Canada chokecherry. The cottonwood is starting to turn a brilliant yellow.