Newspaper Columns 2016

Alamosa Trees columns published in the Alamosa Valley Courier -- most recent first (.pdf format). Visit Alamosa Flowers Newspaper Columns


Winter Trees and Shrubs [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 December 14

New Thinking About Planting Groups of Trees [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 November 16

Conifer Cones [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 November 2

Autumn Color And Dead Trees [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 September 21

Alamosa to Host Community Forestry [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 August 24

People Want Trees That Grow Fast, Are Pretty, And Grow Anywhere [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 July 27

Trees, People, & Towns [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 July 13

Pruning Workshop Lessons [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 May 4

Planting Schedule, Pruning Responsibilities, & Planning Time [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 April 20

Upcoming Tree Events & Trees in the South [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 April 06

Alamosa Has More Than 2000 Park and Street Trees [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 March 23

Trees Under Powerlines for Boyd and Diamond Parks [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 February 10

Conflicts Involving Trees and Neighbors [.pdf] [.htm]: 2016 January 13