Jardin Hermosa: Alamosa Arbor Week 2010

Jardin Hermosa neighbors planted 2 trees in honor of neighborhood children: a Hackberry and a Patmore Ash. Helping to plant the trees were Monica Salazar, Joshua Medina, Jennifer Sanchez, Adrienne Medina, Eric Dupont, Linda Relyea, Chris Medina, Bob Martinez, Ron and Marilyn Loser.

1) Marilyn demonstrates loosening circling roots to Monica and Linda. 2) Monica loosens roots while Marilyn and Eric watch. 3) Monica holds Hackberry straight. 4) Monica, Joshua, and Eric back fill. 5) Eric and Joshua stomp to compact soil while Chris, Bob, and Ron shovel in soil. Monica looks on. 6) Jennifer, Adrienne, and Eric add mulch. 7) Rita (the Border Collie), Joshua, Jennifer, Adrienne, Eric, and Monica finish up the planting -- Bob comes along after and cleans up all the excess soil and puts it back in tree tub. 7) Josh displays the earth worm he rescued. 9) Adding mulch to conserve water under the Patmore Ash. Joshua looks after an earth worm that he later carefully places under the newly planted tree. 10) Adrienne, Jennifer, Eric, Monica and Joshua display the Tree City banner.

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View details of Hackberry and Patmore Ash (details coming soon).

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