Tree Detail

Celtis occidentalis


Hackberry, Western or Common

Celtis occidentalis   

Category: deciduous tree   Size: large

Mature Size: 40 - 60 ' by 40 - 60 '

Zone: To 3   Growth Rate: fast

Foliage: simple, serrate 3-5"

Elevation (if known): To 9,000'

Water: Adaptable to dry environments. Water deeply every 2 - 3 weeks.

Soil : Adaptable to variety of soils but prefers rich.

Sun: Full to part shade.

Comments: Has deeper root system than many trees. Fruit attracts birds. Well Adapted to climate extremes, and varied soil conditions. Winds don't seem to harm it. Considered a moderately tough, urban-tolerant tree. WellaAdapted to climate extremes and varied soil conditions. 'Prairie Pride' is considered a good cultivar.

Warnings: Surface roots can lift widewalks or interfere with mowing. Pruning required to prevent formation of weak branch crotches and weak multiple trunks.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? yes

Street Tree? yes   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? yes   Native to: Colorado and North America

Known Locations: Jardin Hermosa east end (2010) and near basketball court (2011). Friends Park (planted spring 2010 and spring 2011), Cole Park (labeled & planted fall 2010),

Information Sources: Alamosa Tree Board; Rky Mtn Gardener's Guide; Little Valley Whole Sales Nursery; S Group of State Foresters