Friends Park: Alamosa Arbor Week 2010

Four trees were donated to Friends Park. Mikyla, Jordyn, and Rusty Johnson; Kelli Robinson; and Belinda Toth planted the trees with the help of the crew from the Alamosa Parks and Recreation crew including Salomon Archuleta and Jeremy Arellano.

- Rusty and Tina Johnson donated 2 'New Horizon' Elms in honor of their daughters Jordyn and Mikyla.
- Kelli Robinson donated an 'Autumn Blaze' Maple.
- Kathy Rogers donated a Hackberry.

1 & 2) Mikyla and Jordyn plant a 'New Horizon' Elm with the help of Salomon and Jeremy.
3) Jordyn, Rusty, and Mikyla Johnson display the Tree City USA banner behind the newly planted Elm.
4 & 5) Kelli and Belinda join in to plant the 'Autumn Blaze' Maple.
6 & 7) Rusty, Belinda, and Kelli carefully remove the Hackberry while Mikyla watches.
8 & 9) Stomping and backfilling the Hackberry.
10) Jordyn, Belinda, Kelli, and Mikyla with the new Maple displaying the Tree City USA banner.

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View details of 'New Horizon' Elm, 'Autumn Blaze' Maple and Hackberry.

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