Age, Playgrounds, and Squirrels Impact Cole Park

“Look at that squirrel! He wants my chicken sandwich; he doesn’t want your baloney,” exclaimed a picnicker one day in Cole Park. Does he realize that squirrels pose a threat greater than sandwich thievery? “Don’t chop down any of these trees!” cried the jogger as Arborist Tom Eskew, Director of Parks and Recreation Heinz Bergann, [...]

One year! Gardening season starts

One year of Alamosa Trees:  this is the 27th installment of this every-other-week column. When I approached Ruth Heide, Valley Courier Editor,  I wasn’t sure how much I’d find to say about trees in Alamosa.  I thought I might need to branch out and write about a second passion, Alamosa Flowers. Turns out there’s still [...]

Arbor week is coming up

Alamosa Arbor Week will be April 25 to May 1. This year the focus is on planting deciduous shade trees in four of our smaller parks: Diamond, Friends, Jardin Hermosa, and Zapata. The Alamosa Tree Board and Department of Parks and Recreation are hoping for donations of at least eight trees, two for each park. [...]

A Tree’s Old Age

Many of Cole Park’s trees are nearing the end of their lifespan as I mentioned in the last column. What does it mean for a tree to reach old age and then to decline? As Peter A. Thomas, professor of environmental science at Keele University, United Kingdom says, “Old age is not the problem for [...]

New Trees for Cole Park

Yahoo! Alamosa and the Alamosa Tree Board received a $1500 grant from the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) for “Cole Park Revitalization.” The Department of Parks & Recreation will contribute another $3000, as well as time and equipment, to plant 26 new trees this summer. We’ll be calling on community members to help plant and to [...]

The Levee: Let’s not stick our heads in the wet sand

We need public forums to learn about and discuss Alamosa levee issues.  The agenda for a recent City Council mini-retreat listed: “Levee-Should we develop a citizen focus group/task force to assist with this issue?” According to Nathan Cherpeski, City Manager, the Council discussed hosting at least one public forum, probably beginning in April. At these [...]

The Levee: inform, listen, engage, decide — then act

I love walking along the Rio Grande through Alamosa. The beautiful green of summer cottonwoods and willows against the blue of the river and sky always raises my spirits. But, are these grand trees along the public path and those near private homes a threat to the levee’s integrity and hence to our safety?  The [...]