Alamosa’s Urban Deer Problem: Part 2

By Marilyn Loser      2012 October 10 What might be the consequences of not harvesting deer in Alamosa? The September 12 column presented an overview of our deer problem and discussed culling the herd. This column discusses “doing nothing” to the deer directly. I stated in the previous column that doing nothing will yield an increase [...]

Tree Species Diversity in Alamosa: What and Why?

by Marilyn Loser 2011 November 23 I thought about tree species diversity — the variety and abundance of different types of trees that inhabit an area – as I walked around Alamosa recently. We don’t have a lot. Then Joel Kaufman asked me if I’d heard the recent National Public Radio article on the 42,000 [...]

Take a Look at the Trees Around Town

2011 June 22 Have you seen the beautiful locust tree that is blooming at First Street and Alamosa by the yard-recycling bins? It’s a New Mexico Locust (robinia neomexicana) that has huge light pink blossoms.  It’s a favorite of tree expert Dean Swift.  He said, “I love this tree (it’s also a legume and fixes [...]

Arbor Week & Tips from Pruning Workshop

by Marilyn Loser Alamosa will celebrate Arbor Week, May 1 to May 7. The Tree Board and Department of Parks will plant 16 trees in seven City Parks and we would appreciate your help. Monday 11 am will find us at Diamond Park planting a Shade-Master Honeylocust and a Narrowleaf Cottonwood. Tuesday at 3:30 pm [...]

Elms: Love’em or Hate’em

I’m referring to the Siberian Elms of which Alamosa has in abundance. I know some people who love them. One couple planted some on their property after World War II.  They’re very proud of the trees that now shade what was once low scrub. I hate them. I am constantly pulling up seedlings or cutting [...]

Fall Foliage of 2010 Arbor Week Trees

The Autumn Blaze Maples planted in Zapata and Diamond Parks during the 2010 Arbor Week are ablaze in red.  The Hackberry in Jardin Hermosa is a beautiful yellow. These trees need wire fence protection from winter wildlife.  Their mulch is OK.  Make sure to check if your trees are ready for winter.

Planting Trees for Future Generations

With funds from the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) and the Alamosa Department of Parks and Recreation, 24 volunteers planted 24 trees in Cole Park last week. Mikyla Johnson, daughter of Rusty and Tina Johnson and an Alamosa Elementary student, helped plant 9 trees in Alamosa Parks this summer. Oh yeah, her Dad helped too! The [...]

Fall is Ideal for Tree Planting

Hearing this surprises people who think of planting trees only in the spring or summer. There are several reasons for fall planting. Fall weather is cooler, allowing plants to establish roots before winter sets in. The cool weather is also nice for the gardener! Summer heat stimulates top growth more than root growth. Roots are [...]

Bring a shovel and help us plant!

Two opportunities for planting trees are coming up. Cole Park, Alamosa: Come help us plant 24 trees in Cole Park on Tuesday, September 7, and Thursday, September 9. Each day we’ll meet near the south end of the park at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. (for a total of 4 planting sessions). The Alamosa Parks [...]

Age, Playgrounds, and Squirrels Impact Cole Park

“Look at that squirrel! He wants my chicken sandwich; he doesn’t want your baloney,” exclaimed a picnicker one day in Cole Park. Does he realize that squirrels pose a threat greater than sandwich thievery? “Don’t chop down any of these trees!” cried the jogger as Arborist Tom Eskew, Director of Parks and Recreation Heinz Bergann, [...]