Alamosa Cemetery Shade Tree Planting Project Funded

By Marilyn Loser

Wow! We just received news that the Alamosa Cemetery Shade Tree Planting Project was approved by the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) for the amount of $1,500.

The Alamosa Tree Board and the Alamosa Department of Parks and Recreation submitted the grant.

To some, it may seem surprising that so many Alamosans frequent the cemetery. The older portion has evergreen and deciduous trees gracing the gravel avenues and shaded benches welcome the visitor. Located just south of the main part of Alamosa, the cemetery is very quiet and provides spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the East and to the San Luis Valley to the West.

The City of Alamosa has invested in expanding the cemetery in recent years.  Ground has been leveled, irrigation equipment installed, fencing erected, and lawn planted.  However, there are very few trees. The newer area appears very raw.

Our goal is to plant new trees that will provide future generations experiences that we now enjoy on a larger scale in the older part of the cemetery.

The trees will be planted along the narrow avenues and will be labeled as Alamosa did on a previous project. Wire fencing will protect them in early years from deer, lawn mowers, and other accidents. We will plant a species-diverse variety of trees from the Alamosa Tree Board approved list. These will be trees that tend to be longer-lived, more xeric, and well-suited to our environment; a wider pallete than the Siberian Elms, Russian Olives, and Cottonwoods orginally planted.

We’ll be planting 14 trees: 4 Lanceleaf Cottonwood, 3 Autumn Purple Ash, 4 New Horizon Elm, and 3 cimarron Ash trees. Stay tuned, we’ll need help planting!

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