Tree Detail

Viburnum x carlcephalum


Snowball, Fragrant

Viburnum x carlcephalum   

Category: deciduous shrub   Size:

Mature Size: 4 - 6' by 6 - 12'

Zone: To 3   Growth Rate: moderate

Foliage: Dull, grayish green 2-3" long

Elevation (if known): To 6,500'

Water: Regular

Soil :

Sun: Full to part shade.

Comments: White flower clusters in spring.

Warnings: While suggested only to 6,500', these perform well in Alamosa - growth is not as rapid as at lower elevations.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? no

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? no   Native to:

Known Locations: Nice specimen in 600 block of 1st St. M & R Loser garden. Do well if well watered.

Information Sources: Sunset Western Garden Book