Tree Detail

Amelanchier alnifolia


Serviceberry, Saskatoon

Amelanchier alnifolia   

Category: deciduous shrub   Size:

Mature Size: 6 - 12 ' by 6 - 12'

Zone: To zone 4   Growth Rate:


Elevation (if known): To 10,000'

Water: Adaptable to dry soils. Avoid freqeunt light watering.

Soil : Well drained. Tolerates dry, alkaline Rocky Mtn soil. They benefit from applications of organic matter.

Sun: Sun to Filtered Shade

Comments: Edible fruit late summer.


Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? no

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? no   Native to: Serviceberryies are native to Colorado

Known Locations: Loser garden, 507 Pikes Peak; ASC near science building

Information Sources: Rky Mtn Gardener's Guide; Little Valley Whole Sales Nursery