Tree Detail

Populus x acuminata


Cottonwood, Lanceleaf

Populus x acuminata   

Category: deciduous tree   Size: large

Mature Size: 40 - 60' by 30 - 40'

Zone: To 3   Growth Rate: fast

Foliage: spear-shaped, drooping

Elevation (if known): 4,500' to 8,500'

Water: Water infrequently and deeply to promote deep root growth.

Soil :

Sun: Sun.

Comments: Yellow fall color. Male clone only. Works well in Alamosa, but note warnings. Nature hybrid between Plains and narrowleaf cottonwoods.

Warnings: Cottonwoods are notorious for suckering; some sources say this doesn't sucker. Female trees produce vast amounts of cottony seed; nurseries only sell males. It can suffer from borers and canker disease.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? yes

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions: Only if space permits and sidewalk not too near.

CO/NM native? yes   Native to: Midwest US

Known Locations:

Information Sources: Rky Mtn Gardener's Guide; Little Valley Whole Sales Nursery; Alamosa Tree Board; CSU extension; USDA plants; Cheyenne Botanic Gardens