Tree Detail

fFraxinus pennsylvanica


Ash, Marshall or Green Seedless

fFraxinus pennsylvanica   'Marshall'

Category: deciduous tree   Size: medium

Mature Size: 50 - 60' by 25 - 30'

Zone: Down to 3   Growth Rate: moderate

Foliage: Compound leaves on a central stalk, leaflets turn lemon-yellow to told in fall.

Elevation (if known): To 8,500'

Water: Avoid overwatering, likes moderate water, but can adapt to dry sites.

Soil : Adapts to a wide variety. Likes well-drained, tolerates high ph, salt and low fertility. Adaptable to alkaline soils. and is heat and cold tolerant. Mostly pest and disease free.

Sun: Full sun

Comments: Needs regular prunning when young to develop good central trunk. Tends to develop a number of dominant upright trunks or multiple leaders if not pruned properly. Heat and cold tolerant. Mostly pest and disease free.

Warnings: Surface roots can develop and become a nuisance. Some problems with trees breaking apart.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? no

Street Tree? yes   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? no   Native to: Eastern United States

Known Locations: Many around town.

Information Sources: Rky Mtn Gardener's Guide; Little Valley Whole Sales Nursery: Salida, CO, Tree Guide; Alamosa Tree Board; S Group of State Foresters