Tree Detail

Crataegus mollis


Hawthorn, Downy

Crataegus mollis   

Category: deciduous tree   Size: medium

Mature Size: 20-30' x 25-30'

Zone: 3-12   Growth Rate: slow

Foliage: Lobed, toothed leaves to 4" long, covered with down.

Elevation (if known): To 7,500'

Water: Moderate. Once established, can tolerate drought.

Soil : Moist, well-drained.

Sun: Full.

Comments: Looks like mature maple tree. White flowers in spring. Fruit can be used for jelly. Yellow to bronze fall color. Tolerates wind.

Warnings: May have thorns.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? yes

Street Tree? yes   Street Tree Conditions:

CO/NM native? no   Native to: Central to Eastern N America

Known Locations:

Information Sources: CSU Extension; Alamosa Tree Board; U of Conneticut Database