Tree Detail

Picea pungens


Spruce, Colorado Blue

Picea pungens   

Category: evergreen tree   Size: large

Mature Size: 20 - 80 ft. x 20 - 30 ft.

Zone: 2 -   Growth Rate: slow to moderate

Foliage: Blue-green or steel-blue needles, 1 - 1 1/2 " long

Elevation (if known): To 10,000'

Water: During the first growing seasons, make sure to provide adequate moisture to keep roots moist. Pruning is generally not recommended.

Soil : Prefers moist, fertile, well-drained. Dislikes compacted soils.

Sun: Prefers full sun, but tolerates part shade. In shade needles lose blue color.

Comments: Colorado State Tree. Plant from early spring to early fall. Male clone only, native riparian tree that does sucker. Horizontal branching. Once established in the San Luis Valley, tolerates minimum care. However, they don't thrive without water and fertilizer.

Warnings: Does not have deep roots so could topple in high winds

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? yes

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions: Not recommended due to large mature size.

CO/NM native? yes   Native to:

Known Locations: There are many older spruce trees around the valley. They are often the tallest trees visable.

Information Sources: Rky Mtn Gardener's Guide; Little Valley Whole Sales Nursery