Tree Detail

Acer negundo


Boxelder, Manitoba Maple

Acer negundo   'Sensation'

Category: deciduous tree   Size: medium

Mature Size: 25-45' x 20-35'

Zone: 3   Growth Rate: fast

Foliage: Maple with compound leaves.

Elevation (if known): 4,500 - 7,500'

Water: Perfers Medium to High but is drought tolerant

Soil : Almost any soil.

Sun: Full sun to part shade.

Comments: CSU lists upper elevation of 7,500' but there are many boxelders in Alamosa, but probably not this variety. Very cold hardy.Will grow almost anywhere. This is really a maple. This vareity is a male clone, so doesn't have problem with boxelder beetles. Used in Cedar Edge, Aspen, and Grand Junction. Highly suggested by Vince Urbina, Colorado State Forester. Tougher and good branching angles so not as brittle as many boxelders. Doesn't sucker. Dark pink fall color.

Warnings: Some towns don't allow boxelders, but this variety apparently doesn't have the same problems as most boxelders.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? yes

Street Tree? no   Street Tree Conditions: Male clone only (Sensation is male).

CO/NM native? yes   Native to: United States and Canada

Known Locations: There are quite a few boxelders in Alamosa, but I don't know if any are 'Sensation.'

Information Sources: Alamosa Tree Board; CSU extension; Vince Urbina, Colorado State Forester